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  • Disclose past cheated replays to TMX and MX

    | MX Crew

    Fair play is important to us - we want to ensure that our records database is clean of cheated replays. Unfortunately, it's possible that some past records have been cheated without us knowing.

  • Statement about ongoing replay investigations

    | MX Crew

    In light of recent findings by a third party, some replays have come under scrutiny for alleged unusual behavior. The MX crew was consulted about these findings, but offered no conclusions.

  • ManiaExchange Update April 13th 2021

    | Admin

    In this update we bring you further fixes to SMX, TMX and TM2.MX. The changes are listed below.

  • ManiaExchange April 2021 Update

    | MX Crew

    For April 2021, we have prepared a massive update to our ManiaExchange network. We have the highlights all prepared in this blog post.

  • Announcing the 9MC (TMX)

    | MX Crew

    We will be hosting this coming weekend! Join us this Sunday, April 4th at 19:00 CEST for a very special edition of the 9_ Minute Competition in Trackmania 2020 (Don't be late!).

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