ManiaExchange November Update 2021

Some new updates for the MX page are here! Read on for the highlights and the complete changelog.

New ManiaExchange API page

MX API site screenshot

Enter the new MX API, which has been completely refurbished and completed with all available API methods. The new API page features a search and its own issue tracker, which allows MX users to submit issues directly to the developers. Notifications will be sent if the status on the issue changes.



  • Sets: Updating .zip sets with more or less items is now permitted. Removed items will be kept as standalone items on IX.
  • Added various API methods.
  • Restyled Notifications
  • Updating a set will now send a notification to all users that downloaded it previously
  • Fix: Macroblocks now show the right game and collection after upload
  • Fix: Hiding items and sets has been made more obvious
  • Fix: Duplicate image upload bug (lead to an error on the set page)


  • Massive API fixes: Eliminated remaining null values in results and fixed some methods
  • New Mappack POST API methods: Change map status and add a map to the mappack
  • Mappack API can now be enabled or disabled per mappack
  • Mappacks with requests can now be set to auto-approve maps
  • New Award vanity page: add #award to the end of a map URL and get a window to invite players to award your map!
  • Map pages now have an image switcher with big arrows, like those in fullscreen
  • Fix: Mappack API now also shows unapproved maps when a secret is provided
  • Fix: Mappack API: Status response now showing the right value
  • Fix: Difficulty filter now works as expected.
  • Fix: on SMX, map comments can again be posted
  • Fix: Style missing on Discord embeds

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