ManiaExchange September Update 2021

Another new update brings a lot of QoL improvements to the site. The site has been further cleaned up visually and technically. Some old and new features have found their way into MX.

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New inline user search
  • Framework update: Faster image loading, improved site script handling and loading speeds
  • Added the cumulative leaderboard
  • Mappack Tags
  • Improved looks on form / edit / create pages
  • New text editor, as previously used on TM1X (WIP)
  • Improved look and functionality on the search engines of MX
  • Random button available now in every search engine
  • Videos: Added a much more ergonomic tile view
  • Added a in-line search for users for Co-Author, Video Creator and Manager input

Detailed Changelog

Updated profile page with Leaderboards

Features and Additions

  • Forum: Improved look for the "New Post", "New Thread" and "New Reply" editors
  • General: New text editor (still Work in Progress)
  • General: Map thumbnails should now load quicker
  • Leaderboard: New search bar for users in the leaderboard
  • Leaderboard: Scorecards now also show best environments
  • Leaderboard: Scorecards now show the three most successful map styles (no longer things like "Race")
  • Mappacks: Added some order modes for the search
  • Profile: Added the cumulative LB
  • Profile: Small improvements
  • Profile: "Edit Profile" with styling improvements


Updated map search design with random button
  • Co-Author badge overflow on the frontpage / tile view
  • Removed the duplicate "Mixed" tag on TM2.MX
  • Map achievements are now visible on TM2.MX
  • Mappacks: Own tracks are now longer shown when filtering for Status in "Manage Tracks"
  • Mappacks: Mappack Leaderboards on TM2.MX are repaired and working again
  • Videos: Fixed maps not appearing on the Edit Video page

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