ManiaExchange Update July 7th 2021

Celebrating 10 years of MX, but also 1 year of TMX today, we thought it would be a nice thing to introduce some new features for you. The following new features are the rewards for the content creators, contributors and the hard-working people in the community among us who continue to make ManiaExchange a better place.

Dive into some of the highlights in this update:


Possible achievements you could get - this image is from a test.

Starting today, you can get achievements for your maps and your own profile. Most of these achievements are hidden until they are achieved - meaning that you won't find out about some of them before someone actually gets it!

There's no prize for getting "all" of the achievements, but the more you get, the better they look on your profile! No worries about missing receiving achievements - you'll get a notification as soon as you get one! The main goal of achievements is to give players and maps certain milestones to reach and show to others. We hope that these will further boost community engagement.

They will gradually appear all over (T)MX. We are working on creating them in the next weeks.

Community Videos

A video page on ManiaExchange of a video by the MX Youtube channel

After a long conception phase, we have finally included a feature that highlights the amazing videos for the maps on (T)MX. You can submit videos to ManiaExchange and link them easily to maps. If you included maplinks in the description the maps will be detected automatically upon posting, but you can also simply add videos to maps.

The easy process of posting a video on MX. If you included map links in your video description, the maps are auto-detected. Add timestamps and let your videos be linked to those on the map pages.

The community videos can be found on the frontpage, relevant map pages and in the main menu. We hope they will encourage you to create and share videos of maps found on MX.

We strongly encourage you also to post videos that are not necessarily yours - given that the original creators of the videos are inactive or do not want to do the work. You can reference the original author using their MX account.


ManiaExchange (TM2.MX, SMX, TMX)

  • You can now also exclude tags from your map search (in more filters)
  • Brand new image switcher in fullscreen mode!
  • New random result button in search for your current search (also available in API)
  • Mappacks: New "Quick add" feature to add single maps on the go using their ID (thanks HaagseSmurf!)
  • Previous winners of the Backgrounds Contest (BGC) can now be found under About MX -> Backgrounds
  • Map size limit has been lifted from 12 MB to 24 MB for supporters.
  • Replay upload now has drag and drop functionality. Supporters can now easily drag and drop 50 files at once!
  • Replay file size limit has been lifted to 24 MB.



  • "Verified Item Owner" checkmark did not appear for TM items

ManiaExchange (TM2.MX, SMX, TMX)

  • Replaced API and Media buttons with new links
  • Random map is now random
  • Releasing an unreleased map now also sends notifications to users that favorite you
  • No more unreleased maps on the FP
  • The heart button now gives out correct [mx] or respectively [tmx] BBCode tags
  • Vehicles filter is again a standard search filter for MX, environment and vehicles are non-standard for TMX
  • Error when approving a track in a mappack
  • The keyboard can now be used in the search bar
  • Optimised map upload page
  • Vibrant tags are readable now

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