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  • ManiaExchange Update June 5th 2021

    | MX Crew

    To compliment the ItemExchange update from a few days ago, here's some updates and fixes for the MX sites.

  • ItemExchange 1 Year Anniversary Update

    | MX Crew

    One year ago, the ManiaExchange network got its newest member: ItemExchange! The idea was to give players a platform to easily discover the additional items and blocks they needed to create even better maps. Also, IX was designed to incorporate the 3D model creator community that was about to

  • Disclose past cheated replays to TMX and MX

    | MX Crew

    Fair play is important to us - we want to ensure that our records database is clean of cheated replays. Unfortunately, it's possible that some past records have been cheated without us knowing.

  • Statement about ongoing replay investigations

    | MX Crew

    In light of recent findings by a third party, some replays have come under scrutiny for alleged unusual behavior. The MX crew was consulted about these findings, but offered no conclusions.

  • ManiaExchange Update April 13th 2021

    | Admin

    In this update we bring you further fixes to SMX, TMX and TM2.MX. The changes are listed below.

  • ManiaExchange April 2021 Update

    | MX Crew

    For April 2021, we have prepared a massive update to our ManiaExchange network. We have the highlights all prepared in this blog post.

  • Announcing the 9MC (TMX)

    | MX Crew

    We will be hosting this coming weekend! Join us this Sunday, April 4th at 19:00 CEST for a very special edition of the 9_ Minute Competition in Trackmania 2020 (Don't be late!).

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