TM1X is back!

Greetings Fellow Trackmaniacs!

We're happy to announce the relaunch of TrackMania Exchange for United Forever and Nations Forever.

The sites return Tuesday February 22, 2022 at 20:00 CET.

We started from scratch, but used the look and design of the old sites as a guide. We wanted to stay true to the feel of the sites you've been using for over 18 years. However, some features have been improved or changed and may take a little getting used to.

And of course, your tracks, replays, awards, comments, forum posts, and PMs have been imported from the old sites.

To increase security and take advantage of features like two factor authentication, an MX account will need to be created or an existing one linked to your old TMX accounts. But this also gives the added benefit of only needing a single account for all of the sites.

Just a few of the new features you can enjoy:

  • Better and faster track search
  • New track filters for date uploaded
  • Notifications
  • Almost any size for track screenshots
  • Up to 5 track screenshots
  • Better mobile experience
  • Dark / Light mode
  • New headers created by the community
  • Automatic detection of the vehicle used in EnvMix tracks
  • Better support for TMInfinity tracks
  • Add Co-authors on track pages

The new sites are still a work in progress. Some features are unavailable. But we didn't want to make you wait any longer. We believe the sites are at a point where you can use them for most of the core things TMX is known for.

Things we want to work on soon:

  • Small bug fixes here and there around the sites
  • Nadeo, Classic, and StarTrack leaderboards
  • Trackpacks (but in a new form). Don't worry, we'll port your old ones.
  • Track Signs page
  • Nations ESWC, Sunrise, and Original Exchanges

Features we'll probably work on later:

  • Showcases (Track Features)
  • PlayPal
  • PlayPal Online

Thanks for all the super cool creations you upload year after year! We look forward to seeing what crazy tracks you build next. Have fun!

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