TM1X and MX Updates May 2023

We have brought in new updates to our pages. We compiled them together in this post. As usual, you can read the changelogs for TM1X and MX on their respective pages.


On TM1X, we have made adjustments and additions to the site rules. These are now more specific and cover more cases for replay and track uploads. Read them here.

Offline records personal best section
A new personal best section shows the current standing and score, even if out of the TOP 10


  • Updated rules and added a link to all submit pages
  • Ability to sort by two fields in all searches (primary and secondary order)
  • Added an order for track length (track search)
  • Added an order for trackpack value (trackpack search)
  • Search header now scrolls with the page
  • Added the order changes above to the API & its documentation
  • Added track value and trackpack value fields to the API
  • Added an option to search either environment-specific or all-environment specific leaderboard tracks a user drove a replay on
  • Made the button "View Records" on the leaderboards search show only the records that went into the specific score calculation
  • Added a little medals + position indicator that shows your standings for a track above the offline records table
  • Your entry is now highlighted in the LB & offline records scoreboard
  • Added rank numbers to the offline records table


  • Competition Patch checkmarks are back in the full offline records table
  • "Export to Validate" replays are now detected and denied upon upload
  • You can no longer post into locked threads
  • The leaderboard scores calculation is now fixed: TOP 10 replays for TMN-X and TMNF-X, TOP 5 replays per environment for TMO- and TMS-X and TOP 2 per environment for TMUF-X are considered for combined LB calculation. TOP 10 per environment-specific leaderboard remains.
  • TMS-X and TMO-X scores do not expire anymore
  • Trackpack leaderboards have been repaired
  • Platform and Stunt track records are now correctly returning record times & scores via the legacy API (e.g. in your local TMUF server)
  • Accidentally dropping a track into the image field on track upload no longer causes errors

MX and TMX

We have only a few little updates to improve your browsing experience and provide some important fixes.


  • Official esports links for maps and mappacks (TMGL for example)
  • Added order to sort by comments received & given for user search
  • Small style improvements & fixes
  • Smaller scoreboard on profile page
  • Added map UID to map page


  • Blue colors on profile page heading on TMX
  • Allow 500 kb images now
  • Mappack links in profile shall now work
  • Weird scrolling in forums
  • Date and time should now show your local time site wide

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